PP in the Media

Mar 2017



BBC Radio Wales: Eye on Wales on Postpartum Psychosis, 13 March. Sally & Jamie share their story  KatDuchess Daily Mail 23 March: Duchess of Cambridge talks to Kat Grant about PP at Best Beginnings launch event. 

Jan 2017



BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour 5th January. APP’s Val & Ian Jones talk PP & the menopause.  Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.22.01 iNews 30th January. Sara Fenwick shares her personal experience of PP. 

Dec 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-11-01-51 BBC Look East 13th Dec – inside Rainbow Mother & Baby Unit, North Essex Partnership + Velvet’s PP story.     

Nov 2016

Dr Jessica Heron BBC Wiltshire 30th November Dr Jess Heron talks about PP and APP.    
screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-08-42-07 This Morning 23rd November “Postpartum psychosis left me suicidal“.   scarlett Daily Mail 29th November, Scarlett Hatterson’s experience of PP.  


EssexLive 1st November. Heartbreaking story of Pippa Whiteward  ellie BBC Radio Sussex (15m40s) 1st November: Ellie Ware talks about important of peer support after Adele went public about postnatal depression.  

Oct 2016



Woman’s House, BBC Radio 4. Fiona Putnam discusses her postnatal psychosis hollyyork Daily Mail 10th October. Holly York talks about her postpartum psychosis

Aug 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 14.23.49 Guardian 19th August “Pregnancy and mental health: the hidden pain of giving birth” featuring two PP stories.  nina  BBC Newsbeat 20th August “This woman photographed her postpartum psychosis recovery”


Daily Mail 16th August “Motherhood gave me psychosis” APP Media Volunteer, Katy Chachou’s story.  imgID77188203.jpg.gallery  Braintree & Witham Times 11th August Deborah and James Akinyemi’s story.

Jun-Jul 2016



Health Service Journal 5th July “Time to nurture better mental healthcare services” (PDF) Featuring Ellie’s story.   AGW Daily Mail 30th July – heartbreaking story of Alice Gibson-Watt.

Mental Health Today 21st June
“Perinatal mental health issues – more than baby blues”
Featuring Sarah’s story.

 sarahpp Time To Change Wales guest blog post 7th July by Sarah. 

Feb 2016


Iain Cunningham Irene's Ghost

The Guardian – 20th Feb Alain Gregoire in The Guardian The Guardian – 16th Feb

Victoria Derbyshire

BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire – 15th Feb (Starts at 70 mins) BBC News BBC 1 News – 15th Feb (Starts at 40 mins)


BBC WM Adrian Goldberg – 15th Feb (Starts at 41 mins) Nicky Campbell Radio 5 Live Breakfast – 15th Feb (Starts at 65 mins)  

ITV News

ITV News – 1st Feb  


 TV News - 1st Feb

Jan 2016


BBC Radio Scotland


BBC Radio Scotland - 21st Jan
BBC Breakfast News


BBC Breakfast News - 19th Jan
BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio 5 Live - 19th Jan  Kathryn The Sun Fabulous Magazine - 17th Jan
Sanchita Islam Huffington Post Parents - 15th Jan  Bella Jessie Bella Magazine - Jan
Londonist The Londonist - 11th Jan  woman and baby Buzzfeed - 9th Jan
BBC Eastenders Stacey BBC News - 9th Jan  Stacey Branning BBC Eastenders Online - 7th Jan
APP Eve in the Express The Daily Express - 3rd Jan    

December 2015

Kent News Kent Newspapers & Kent Online – 25th Dec  Radio Times Radio Times - 24th Dec

Victoria Pavitt

The Telegraph - 21st Dec  EastEnders Stacey Huffington Post Parents - 14th Dec


The Mirror – 9th Dec    

Sept 2015


Mumsnet blog

Mumsnet guest blog - 11th Sept    

Aug 2015

Hannah Darlington & Stockton Times – 15th Aug    

July 2015

 Huffpost Parents Huffington Post Parents - 30th July   Yorkshire Post  Yorkshire Post - 29th July
Londonist Londonist - 27th July  Sidmouth Herald  Sidmouth Herald - 27th July (repeated in the Midweek Herald)
Exeter Express and Echo Exeter Express and Echo - 26th July