The Big Push for Peer Support

Can you help with a monthly donation to keep our Peer Support Service open?


With funding from the Big Lottery we set up a unique and innovative peer support service for women and families that have been affected by postpartum psychosis (PP). Now that this funding has come to an end, we need to fight to keep it open. Our research has shown that the service has been life changing for women and families, and sometimes life-saving.

200 donors giving £20 a month each would keep our peer support service open, functioning safely and effectively for women and families affected by PP, into the future.

It's easy to set up Direct Debit and show your support for PP peer support via CAF Donate. Please act now and support this lifeline with a monthly Direct Debit or whatever you can spare. 

Here are some more of the incredibly moving things users have said to us about our Peer Support Service.

“Being able to share my experiences has really helped me. I felt so lost, isolated desperate and frightened but I don't feel like that anymore. Thank goodness for APP, I can't imagine what it must have been like for others who suffered before it and this forum was set up."

“Peer Support has been life changing for me. I don't feel isolated at all, if anything I feel proud to be part of this unique community of amazing, strong women and proud of everything we have been through. It has been so healing to give and receive support. It has helped me to recover more fully. I was well when I found APP, but to really fully come to terms with the experience, to deal with the grief, shame, sadness, trauma of the experience, Peer Support has been my main source of support and growth.” 

“Having had PP almost 6 years ago it was a frightening & isolating experience. I haven't met anybody who has had it so am finding the blogs on this site so informative & moving. Not only is it a lonely condition but it is one that robs you of the most precious time of your life. But with time things do heal. It's just a very frightening thing to go through on your own. This community is a good & precious resource to all who have experienced or been affected by PP in some way.”

"It has been amazing, transforming to find APP and particularly the forum. The forum has been an amazing source of information, support, healing for me. Thank you so much. Supporting others who are at earlier stages of recovery also has helped my own recovery. Without it I don't think I will have recovered as well, and actually to feel even positive about my experience of PP. It is truly unbelievable for me after 33 years to be able to share my experiences which I had buried in my mind. I have carried with me a deep sense of shame, embarrassment and guilt all this time. Now at last I can truly come to terms with it."

"I so wish the PP community had existed when I had my two episodes years ago. Just for someone to understand how I felt and offer advice and support would have made so much difference."

"We did not discover APP until my discharge from psychiatric services following my second PP in 2011. I definitely wish it had existed in 2004. I cried when I looked at the website as it answers so many questions I've never had answers to."

Regular donations make a real difference. Please donate monthly to help us sustain this lifeline of a service. 


We are also setting a challenge to our staff, Trustees, APP network members, forum users, supporters and interested health professionals, not only to support us by making a personal monthly donation, but also to find 5 other family members, friends or Health Professionals to talk to about monthly donations. All of the APP staff and Trustees are doing it: we know just how important the service is. We have decided to have those 5 conversations. Will you have those conversations too?

We also warmly welcome one-off donations and are keen to talk to anyone in a position to make a substantial gift towards a project. Click here to see what your donation could do.