Emily walks 70 miles for APP!

A huge thanks to Emily Saunders who walked 70 miles and raised an incredible £850 to support APP!

Emily says: "I suffered from postpartum psychosis when my daughter was born in June 2017. I wanted to do something positive during lockdown and had talked about walking from my home in Sheffield to the MBU I was in in Nottingham as a sponsored walk. Clearly that wasn't possible during lockdown but I decided I would see if I could walk the distance during my daily exercise - 35 miles. I appreciate it isn't that far to walk in a month but with working 5 days a week and a toddler to care for, it felt like a challenge! I chose to do this in May to coincide with Maternal Mental Health Week. My partner challenged me to walk back again when I had walked 35 miles which I managed to do. I completed my 70 miles on 29th May. I did most of my walks by myself in the evenings but did some with my partner and our daughter, and two with 2 friends who supported me when I was ill and recovering (appropriately socially distanced of course!). I found new paths in the woods near my home, listened to some fantastic podcasts and saw some stunning sunsets. I was really emotional when I finished. I don't often say I'm proud of myself but I am for walking 70 miles in May and raising £850 for APP, for working so hard to recover and for volunteering with APP - I'm a regional rep".

A massive thank you to everyone who donated via Emily's JustGiving page here too! A fantastic achievement that Emily should absolutely be proud of!

If you have been inspired by Emily's fundraiser and want to get involved with your own sponsored walk, you can contact us at app@app-network.org

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Nicola's fantastic 1000k Challenge!

Nicola Ball is fundraising for APP by asking her friends and family to join her in a 1000K challenge during Maternal Mental Health Week, 4th-10th May. The challenge will raise money for APP and awareness that PP can happen as often as 1-2 in 1000, yet it’s still relatively unknown.

As a team they are asking people to pledge, donate and share their challenge on social media.

You can keep up to date with Nicola's 1000k Challenge, see more great pictures of their efforts and donate via her JustGiving page here!

Nicola's sister, Stephanie Fitzson, is also hosting a Facebook fundraiser to promote their 1000K Challenge in support of APP. If you would like to support Nicola and her team via Facebook, you can also donate here! 

This is a fantastic challenge that has already raised a huge amount in aid of APP - Thank You Nicola and Team!

Here are some pictures of their challenge so far...


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The doorstep photoshoot in aid of APP!

Huge thanks to Jo Bushell who is raising funds for APP by offering doorstep photoshoots to families along her daily exercise route.

Jo says: "Well, we had fun posing for our lockdown photograph! I do love an excuse to use a tripod 😀 Joggy bottoms have been my comfy clothing of choice since lockdown began so I didn't think dressing up in my finery would accurately reflect this period in time but it might be an excuse to get your glad rags on if you prefer!

If you live on or nearby Stewart Road/Hillside Grove in Chelmsford and would like to have a family photograph on your doorstep taken from a safe distance, that I can incorporate into my daily walk, please get in touch. I will be walking about 4pm today or next weekend. I will upload the photos onto my online gallery, where they can be downloaded for free."

Visit Jo's photography page here to donate, keep up to date with Jo's work or, if you live nearby, to arrange your own family doorstep photo with Jo!

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Gina & Rayan join the 2.6 Challenge!

A big Thank You to Gina and Rayan who successfully completed their 2.6 challenge on Thursday 30th April, in aid of APP!

Before their challenge Gina said: "Rayan & I will walk/run/cycle to our Scottish Grandparents house which is approximately 2.6 miles away. No doubt on the way, Rayan will want to stop here and there to explore and maybe ask to be carried, claiming he has no energy left. At which point I will have to complete the challenge carrying him & his bike. But the journey will be picturesque along Kirkcaldy Esplanade and the Fife coastal path to their house. Once we arrive, we will Surprise Grandad with a box of chocolates and a hello that we haven’t been able to do since before the lockdown. Just a shame there will be no hugs, as we follow Government advice on social distancing, but it will be worth it to see the look on Grandad Aund’s face and raise money for APP."

Huge thanks to everyone who donated and support Gina and Rayan's 2.6 challenge via their JustGiving page here - a total of £375 has been raised so far!

If you would like to do your own 2.6 challenge or take part in APP's Active May Challenge (click here), contact app@app-network.org for more information about how APP would love to support you! Remember to follow government guidelines.

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Darkness Into Light, the album raising funds for APP

"I wrote this album to try and help me to recover from severe post-natal depression and post-natal psychosis. It helped, along with medication, rest and loving support. This album documents my journey from mental illness to mental health, from deep sadness to overwhelming joy and gratitude, from intense darkness to light. For those suffering out there, I want you to know that you will get better, your child loves you, nothing is irredeemable, and what lies for you at the end of this tunnel (which you don’t ever believe will end) is more beautiful than you can ever imagine in your wildest dreams. Don’t give up. You and your child are connected by a love greater than you know and one day you will feel it in every part of your being."  Eleanor Dattani

If you would like to purchase or donate, visit:

iTunes (click here)

Bandcamp (click here)

Amazon (click here)

40% off all proceeds are being donated to the charity Acacia (Pre and postnatal depression support services) and Action for Postpartum Psychosis.

You can also listen to the full album on Spotify (click here) and Bandcamp (click here).

Click here to watch the music video for 'I've Learnt This Lesson Before', a song from the album.

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Join the APP Team for an Active Challenge!

Challenge yourself and raise money to help Action on Postpartum Psychosis. Everyone is welcome and support and help is available at app@app-network.org

Here are APP’s Active Challenges to get involved in:
On Sunday 26 April, take part in the 2.6 Challenge.
Throughout the month of May, walk, cycle or run 25k, 50k, 100k or 200k and join the Virtual Runner May Challenge.
Or, dream up your own active challenge and fundraise in aid of APP. We’re here to support you.

Take part in the 2.6 Challenge

Do the #TwoPointSixChallenge on Sunday 26 April, in aid of APP!

The need for our work at Action on Postpartum Psychosis is greater than ever. We want to continue what we are doing to support women and families and we would like to do more. Like many smaller charities, we need funding. If you are able to, please help to support our work and join us in taking the 2.6 Challenge.

From Sunday 26 April, the day when the Virgin Money London Marathon would have taken place, join the rest of the UK for The 2.6 Challenge and help save the UK's charities. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect with the cancellation of thousands of events and the loss of billions in income through fundraising events.

The 2.6 Challenge can be any activity you like – from running 2.6 miles to holding an online workout with 26 of your friends.

Here are 5 steps to getting involved:
Think of your 2.6 Challenge
Take Part
Fundraise for or donate to APP
Share your photos with us and tag @ActionOnPP

Find out more and sign up here: https://bit.ly/TwoPointSixChallenge

Join the Virtual Runner May Challenge

We are thrilled that APP is the chosen charity for Virtual Runner's monthly challenge during May 2020. Challenge yourself to complete 25k, 50k, 100k or 200k distance throughout the month of May 2020.

Your challenge will be made up from multiple sessions to achieve your chosen distance but you can do it at your pace. You can choose to run, walk or cycle the distance you have signed up for between 1st – 31st May 2020 and you can mix and match any discipline to achieve your goal. Once completed, you just submit your results online and upload proof that you have completed the distance or challenge using app screenshots and they'll send you a medal!

Here are 5 steps to starting your challenge to walk, cycle or run 25k, 50k, 100k or 200k for Action on Postpartum Psychosis:

  1. Choose your distance and sign up to the Virtual Runner May challenge. It costs £8.50 and 20% is donated to APP.
  2. Contact us at app@app-network.org to let us know you are joining the APP Team.
  3. Join the 'APP Running, Walking & Cycling Club' Group on Facebook for inspiration and to share your updates.
  4. If you'd like to, share our fundraiser on Facebook with your family and friends.
  5. Happy exercising! Remember to follow government guidelines.

Find out more and sign up here for the Virtual Runner May challenge.

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Louise & Alfie complete the 5k Mental Elf run!

A big Thank You to Louise and Alfie who successfully completed the 5K Mental Elf run in Blackburn on Sunday 1st December! Louise and Alfie were running in support of APP and Ribblemere Mother & Baby Unit.

Louise said: "I really enjoyed it and Alfie did amazingly well, he was my motivation. We raised £220 to split between APP and the MBU."

It looks like a very cold day, so huge thanks to them both and to everyone who supported and donated via Louise's JustGiving page!

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The Yellow Wallpaper concert - a great success!

Huge thanks to Anna McClure who hosted a fantastic concert on Friday 25th October at St Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen, in aid of APP!

Developed by Aberdeen-based performance artist Angela Margaret and composer Anna McClure, the concert was partly based on the famous short story, 'The Yellow Wallpaper' written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1892, which explores a woman’s struggle with Postpartum Psychosis. Anna composed a new and original piece for the concert, The Yellow Wallpaper for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano with a performance piece by artist, Angela Margaret. The concert also featured a short talk by APP's Sally Wilson!

Anna says: "The concert included a musical/ performance art version of 'The Yellow Wallpaper’ which was particularly powerful being preceded by a talk from Sally Wilson about her experience of PP, and the work that APP does.  We had a good sized audience for a lunchtime concert and hope to have raised awareness of PP and some money for APP to continue doing their excellent work. "

Huge thanks to Anna and to everyone involved!


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Jenn completes the York Gunpowder Plot 10k!

Huge congratulations to Jenn, who successfully completed the York Gunpowder Plot 10k on Sunday 3rd November, in aid of APP!

Jenn said "All done! Muddy but fun! I am delighted with the amount I’ve raised, it should now be around £1000 including gift aid. I am really grateful to everyone who donated and especially to Jonny for running it with me and chatting to me all the way round!"

It looks like Jenn had a fantastic time, and has raised a huge amount in aid of APP,  just amazing! You can still donate to Jenn's JustGiving page here.


Thank you so much to Jenn for all her hard work and to everyone who so generously donated as well - we couldn't do this without your support.

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Arnside Ladies' choir sang for APP!

A big Thank You to the Arnside Ladies' Choir who performed hits from the musicals on Friday 1st November, in aid of APP.

We're told it was a great success with the Village Hall packed, and with admission money and a raffle they managed to raise over £600 for APP, which is just fantastic! The event also featured a very moving reading from Jessica Pidsley's 'Mutha Courage' blog as well.

Huge thanks to the Arnside Ladies' Choir and to everyone who so generously donated - we couldn't do this without your support!

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