Postpartum psychosis in the Media

Here you can read the latest news stories about postpartum psychosis (PP) and Action on Postpartum Psychosis.

December 2022

A lack of NHS beds will force mothers away from their babies - a piece about MBUs by APP’s media consultant, Lucy Nichol.

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A piece about menopause by APP’s media consultant, Lucy Nichol, referencing the links between menopause and PP.

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November 2022

A small mention of APP in this article exploring pregnancy and medication.

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Charity Job donates £15,000 to APP.

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Northern Ireland mums call for improved maternal and perinatal services. Featuring comment from APP’s Ellie Ware.

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October 2022

Promises of NI psychiatric unit must be delivered Minister told

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Urgent call for mother and baby unit in Northern Ireland - with quotes from APP about how many women in NI will develop PP each year

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APP storyteller Joanne backs our campaign for a Mother and Baby Unit in Northern Ireland

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‘Lives are being lost’ amid lack of psychiatric mother and baby unit in Northern Ireland

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Robin Swann asked to urgently prioritise a Mother and Baby Unit in Northern Ireland

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September 2022

Our inspirational storyteller, Lobeh, shared her PP story with Jill Foster for Yahoo Life.

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July 2022

New mums being failed by devastating issue that impacts 1,400 women a year

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Developing antenatal education resources on severe perinatal mental illness - by Naomi Gilbert

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June 2022

I was sectioned 10 days after my daughter was born – we missed out on quality bonding time - by Naomi Gilbert

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Postpartum psychosis support group to have first meeting

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Mum diagnosed with postpartum psychosis after birth calls for NI's first Mother and Baby Unit

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May 2022

Inadequate care plan for Orlaith Quinn among an inexplicable list of failings that ended in tragedy

NB: Trigger warning - this article talks about tragedy and suicide - please take care when reading.

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Claire Hills, one of our amazing volunteers and storytellers shares her story for Mental Health Awareness Week on ITV Tyne Tees.

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MBU campaigner and APP storyteller, Nia Foulkes, shares her story for The i Paper for Mental Health Awareness Week and talks about the need for more MBUs across the UK.

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Our very own Naomi Gilbert wrote this beautiful piece about her experience of motherhood and PP for Metro in support of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week.

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APP storyteller, Jade, contributed to this brilliant piece led by our partners, Lancashire Care, talking about her experience of Ribblesmere MBU.

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April 2022

Our CEO, Dr Jess Heron is interviewed for Good to Know magazine, sharing information about the causes, signs, risks and treatment available for PP

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March 2022

Unit of Hope - a BBC Wales in depth radio documentary about the new Wales MBU - featuring interviews and support from APP

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APP’s Dr Jess Heron and Dr Sally Wilson write for the National Health Executive on why specialist training regarding postpartum psychosis should be rolled out to frontline health staff

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Check out this in depth feature that we supported, with expert comment from our CEO, Dr Jess Heron, as well as our brilliant storytellers.

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This is a brilliant review by our storyteller, Lobeh, of the show afterbirth, which explored motherhood, postpartum psychosis and life in a Mother and Baby Unit.

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Another preview of the brilliant stage show, afterbirth.

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February 2022

A piece about how the stage play afterbirth is raising much-needed awareness of postpartum psychosis.

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APP storyteller Charity Horton speaks to the media about her experience of postpartum psychosis.

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Another piece from APP storyteller Charity Horton - this time the story went nationally in The Mirror

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A great preview of afterbirth, the show written by Zena Forster and directed by Grace Duggan exploring motherhood, postpartum psychosis and life in a Mother and Baby Unit.

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January 2022

An in depth feature on maternal mental health, with information about postpartum psychosis, APP and MBUs

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APP storyteller Nia speaks to ITV News about the need for a Mother and Baby Unit in North Wales.

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December 2021

Social media trends for charities to watch in 2022 - featuring APP’s very own Jessie Hunt.

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November 2021

This piece is actually focused on PND and PP in India (where the description of PP appears to be described quite differently).  With signposted support to APP for UK readers.

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October 2021

Katherine Shaw shares her experience of PP and raising awareness with the Mirror.

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Katherine Shaw’s story also made it into Mail Online:

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Katherine Shaw’s story again - this time in The Sun.

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September 2021

A piece written by our ambassador, Laura Dockrill, on the myths surrounding postpartum psychosis

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August 2021

A piece on maternal mental health in the pandemic, featuring information on APP and PP more generally

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APP ambassador, Catherine Cho, and APP storyteller, Lobeh Osagie-Asiah chat to BBC World Service about their experience of PP

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July 2021

APP ambassador’s Laura Dockrill and Hugo White chat to Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott on Metro’s Mentally Yours podcast

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Tackling stigma - a blog by Lucy Nichol about stigma and how APP works with authors

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June 2021

APP ambassador Hugo White writes about his PP experience as a partner for The Independent on Father’s Day

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APP ambassador Laura Dockrill chats to Hello! Magazine about her experience of postpartum psychosis

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APP trustee Professor Ian Jones on what PP is and how to spot the signs

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May 2021

My best mate Adele saved me - APP ambassador Laura Dockrill talks about her experience of PP

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Adele saved best friend Laura Dockrill’s life

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Q&A: Simon O’Mara from APP

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New play about motherhood and psychosis premiere’s in Oxford

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New service at hospital in Morpeth

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Mental health and pregnancy: I couldn’t hold my baby for more than a minute

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April 2021

Laura Dockrill on parenting, paranoia and postpartum psychosis

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Hannah Bissett tells Lisa Shaw why she wants more mothers to tell their stories

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CNTW NHS Trust partnership to support new mums

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APP ambassadors Laura Dockrill and Catherine Cho discuss their experiences of postpartum psychosis for Laura’s podcast, Zombie Mum

Listen to the episode here

I put up a photo of my new baby and myself with champagne. It was a lie - I was ill

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Peer support service launches in Morpeth for North East and North Cumbria mums experiencing postpartum psychosis

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Mar 2021

Author and literary agent, Catherine Cho, chats to Colorado Public Radio about her experience of PP

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Author and literary agent, Catherine Cho, writes for the Telegraph about her new memoir, Inferno, and why she decided to have another child after her experience of PP

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Author and literary agent, Catherine Cho, writes for the I Paper about her new memoir, Inferno, detailing her account of PP

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Speaking to other women with postpartum psychosis helped me get through it

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Feb 2021

Jocelyn Ellams shares her story of postpartum psychosis

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Jocelyn reveals how postpartum psychosis left her convinced her baby was the devil

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Jocelyn hallucinated her baby was the devil due to rare mental health condition after giving birth

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Postpartum Psychosis - the illness you’ve probably never heard of.

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Charity urges increase in awareness about maternal mental health for Black and Asian women

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Black and Asian mothers require tailored postpartum psychosis support says charity

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Jan 2021

Woman's traumatic childbirth triggered such extreme psychosis that she was sectioned.

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New mum reveals harrowing experience of postpartum psychosis after traumatic birth

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Dec 2020

A news story about our work with TV drama, Hollyoaks and their moving PP storyline

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A news story about our work with TV drama, Hollyoaks on Liberty’s emotional PP storyline

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APP CEO writes for The Independent about why Mother and Baby Units are vital for recovery

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Watch a clip from Liberty’s PP story in Hollyoaks on the Facebook channel

Watch here

APP’s Hannah Bissett writes for Metro about her experience of PP and Hollyoaks’ new storyline

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APP’s Hannah Bissett and Dr Ayesha Rahim chat to the Woman’s Hour team about PP alongside Hollyoaks’ producer Josie Day

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Nov 2020

Metro, 20 Nov, 'Similarly, you might see very specialist charities like Action on Postpartum Psychosis playing a key role in blasting stereotypes (think back to Stacey’s harrowing story in EastEnders)'

BBC Radio Northampton, 8 Nov, Researcher Jasdeep Grewal & APP's National Training Co-ordinator Sally (from 16:46) Bridport News, 2 Nov, 'West Dorset couple cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats'

Oct 2020

BBC News, 26 Oct, Kathryn Baughan's PP story Instagram Live, 9 Oct, Eve Canavan's PP story

Film4 blog, 21 Oct, Director Bijan Sheibani on making a short film, shown on Film4. The film follows the story of a mum with PP

Facebook #SuperDadChatLIVE, 14 Oct, With APP's Partners Peer Support Co-ordinator Simon

Unity FM 39.5, 13 Oct, APP’s Hannah’s shares her postpartum psychosis story & discusses APP's Birmingham project

Chard and Ilminster News, 29 Oct, 'Hills raise £5,000 by conquering epic cross country cycle ride' ITV's Loose Women, 9 Oct, Laura Dockrill's PP experience

Sep 2020

Heart Radio North West News, 18 Sep, APP's Peer Support Facilitator Jocelyn's PP story

Aug 2020

Grazia, 25 Aug, Anna Whitehouse, founder of Mother Pukka shares her PND and PP story

BBC Radio Somerset, 11 Aug, Interview with APP’s Hannah & fundraisers Simon and Jude Hill Dorset Echo, 27 Aug, 'Winsham couple will cycle 2,500 miles for charity'

Bridport News, 23 Aug, 'Couple take on 2,500 mile cycle challenge for mental health' Metro, 27 Aug, Carla Louise Phillips’ PP story and interview with APP Director Dr Jess Heron
The New York Times, 4 Aug, Catherine Cho's PP experience

Jul 2020

APP Instagram Live, 25 Jul, APP in conversation with US screenwriter Nakia Stephens about the short film 'Baby Blue'

Jun 2020

Nutricia Podcast, 29 Jun, Gill, an NHS midwife, in conversation with Sally, National Training Co-ordinator at APP BBC News, 21 Jun, 'After mum died, no-one talked about her for 15 years'. Iain and Don Cunningham in conversation
The Telegraph, 09 Jun, Catherine Cho's PP experience

May 2020

Perinatal Mental Health Partnership Facebook Live, 7 May, Kat & her husband Tom discuss their experience of PP with Giles Berrisford, Perinatal Psychiatrist and Chair of APP & with Ellie, Peer Support Coordinator for APP for Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week APP Facebook Live, 4 May, Sally & her husband Jamie discuss their experience of the early signs & symptoms of PP with Ian Jones, Professor of Psychiatry & Trustee of APP for Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

APP Facebook Live, 9 May, #HonestConversations with Laura Dockrill, Dr Jo Black and APP's Jessie for Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week APP Facebook Live, 6 May, APP in conversation with Catherine Cho, author of 'Inferno: A Memoir' for Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week
The Guardian, 17 May, ‘Inferno; What Have I Done? – fearless accounts of postpartum psychosis by Catherine Cho and Laura Dockrill’ The Times, 9 May, Hugo White of the Maccabees on his partner’s PP

Apr 2020

The Daily Mail, 27 Apr, Christina Royapen's PP experience The Times, 19 Apr, Laura Dockrill shares her experience of PP
New York Times, 17 Apr, Lisa's PP experience in the USA

Mar 2020

The Guardian, 07 Mar, Catherine Cho's PP experience BBC Radio, 28 Mar, Journalist Claire Graham meets women from across Northern Ireland who've fought their own battles with post-natal mental health, including Joanna’s PP story

Feb 2020

BBC's Doctors, 6 Feb, Postpartum psychosis storyline

Jan 2020

The Daily Mail, 06 Jan, Sarah Snelling's PP experience

The Westmorland Gazette, 16 Jan, Concert Boosts Mother's Charity Fund

The Daily Mail, 21 Jan, Laura Arthur's PP experience

The Stylist, "My postpartum psychosis made me think I was Cameron Diaz ",  by Jen Wight

Nov 2019



BBC West Midlands, Natalie talks about her PP experience

Oct 2019

The Leader, 10 Oct, Sarah's PP experience BBC Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine, 15 Oct, Iain Cunningham discusses his film Irene's Ghost and his experience of PP

The Daily Mail, 31 Oct, Interview with Florida based Mum who had PP including interview with APP's Director Dr Jess Heron.

Sep 2019

The Daily Mail, 13 Sep, Ele's PP experience The Metro, 13 Sep, Ele's PP experience

Aug 2019

The Guardian, 16 Aug, Sarah's PP experience

Jul 2019

BBC Sounds, 4 Jul, Poet Laura Dockrill talks surviving PP, Adele and falling in love. The Daily Mail, 3 Jul, Olivia's PP experience

BBC News, 3 Jul, Amy's PP experience and blog 'Mummykind' Birmingham Live, 7 Jul, Katy's PP experience

Belfast Telegraph, 19 Jul, New campaign calls for better perinatal mental health system in Northern Ireland Love Belfast, 21 Jul, New mums in Northern Ireland experience “worst” perinatal mental health services in the UK

The Irish News, 23 Jul, NSPCC's campaign 'Fight for a Fair Start' for improved perinatal mental health provision in NI The Conversation, 24 Jul, article on PP by Marisa Casanova Dias, Cardiff University

BBC World Service, 25 Jul, Jen's PP experience

Jun 2019

BBC News, 11 Jun, Jen's postpartum psychosis experience The Metro, 28 Jun, Adele and her best friend Laura's PP experience

May 2019

The Independent, 6 May, Sophie's PP experience Digital Spy, 6 May, Louis Theroux's documentary 'Mothers on the Edge'

The Guardian, 8 May, interview with Louis Theroux about 'Mothers on the Edge' documentary The Daily Mail, 9 May, Louis Theroux's documentary and This Morning appearance

The Sun, 11 May, Louis Theroux's documentary & Lisa's PP experience Manchester Evening News, 12 May, Emma's postpartum psychosis experience

The Express, 12 May, Louis Theroux's documentary and what is postpartum psychosis? BBC iPlayer, 12 May, Louis Theroux documentary 'Mothers on the Edge' watch again

BBC Radio Lancashire, 15 May, Emma talks about her PP experience (from 1 hr 09 min) The Sun, 16 May, Rowena's postpartum psychosis experience

BBC iPlayer, 23 May, documentary 'My Baby, Psychosis and Me' watch again BBC News, 31 May, video about Iain Cunningham's film Irene's Ghost

Apr 2019

BBC News, 4 April, 'Bringing new mums back from crisis' video report from new MBU in Devon Wales online, 16 April, Rachel's PP experience in Wales, but having to travel to Nottingham's MBU

ELLE magazine, 26 April, feature on PP & Rachel's story 'Mothers In Crisis: Coping With Serious Mental Health Issues In The Wake Of Giving Birth' The York Press, 28 April, Sarah's PP story and help available in Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Virgin Media, 29 April, TV presenter Anna Williamson talks about postnatal anxiety & PTSD, plus about PP / APP.

Mar 2019

Mosaic Science, 5 March, Catherine Carver & Hannah Bissett's PP stories BBC News, 6 March, PMH £52m investment for Scotland

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, 11 March, Claire & family talk about their PP experience (30 mins in) BBC Wales Today, 13 March, Dr Jess Heron & Sally discuss the need for PMH support in Wales

BBC News, 13 March, Sally's PP experience and PMH in Wales Stylist, 20 March, Louis Theroux discusses his new documentary on PP

BBC Radio Foyle, 21 Mar, Director Iain Cunningham discusses his film Irene's Ghost ITV News, 29 March, 'Music 4 Mums' concert to highlight the mental health condition postpartum psychosis.'

Feb 2019

The Practising Midwife, 1 February, Communication matters article written by Dr Catherine Green, Ellie Ware & Laura Bridle. Find out more here

Lancashire Post, 4 February,  Ribblemere  MBU  Lancashire & Cumbria

Jan 2019

BBC Look East, 22 January, Norfolk & Suffolk new MBU opening BBC News, 23 January, Norfolk mental health MBU ends 'postcode lottery'

East Anglian Daily Times, 25 January, New £4m specialist unit for new mothers opens BBC Radio Yorkshire, 30 January, APP's Hannah interview about APP and her lived experience

Dec 2018

Mirror, 29 December, Sara's PP story

Nov 2018

Jess&mattpodcast a

The Backstory, 12 & 19 November, Me, my baby and psychosis: Jess and Matt’s story - podcast.  2018Metro_25Nov The Metro, 25 November, Pregnancy and Bipolar
2018_ITV25Nov ITV News, 25 November, perinatal mental health support in Northern Ireland 2018_BBCRadio4_AMothersMind30Nov2018 BBC Radio 4, 'A Mother's Mind', 30 November, Jessie, Amy & Fiona's PP experiences

Oct 2018


Huffington Post, 23 October, 'Mom And Baby Units For Postpartum Depression Exist, But Not In Canada' 2018_BBCNW_hannahLancsMBU a  BBC North West, 24 October, video for new Lancashire MBU opening & Hannah's PP experience
2018_Hannah BBC News a BBC News, 26 October, Hannah's PP experience ahead of new MBU opening in Lancashire & Cumbria 2018_GranthamJournal Grantham Journal, 26 October, Jessica's PP experience
2018_Heart a Heart, 30 October, new Ribblemere MBU opens for Lancashire & Cumbria

Sep 2018


BBC WM radio, 4 September, interview with Katy about her PP experience  2018_CatherineDailyMail The Daily Mail, 18 September, Catherine's PP experience

Aug 2018

Independent, 14 August, Adele expresses support for her friend Laura's PP story

2018_AdeleBBCNews a

BBC News, 13 August, Adele supports her friend Laura's PP story 2018_BBC5LiveBreakfast_14August a BBC Radio 5 Live, 14 August, Rachel Burden's Breakfast show discussing PP with some of APP's media volunteers
2018_Channel5NewsEve14August b Channel 5 News, 14 August, APP media volunteer Eve discusses her experiences of PP 2018_newsbeatAdele a BBC Newsbeat, 14 August, Adele spotted her friend's PP illness
2018_BBC1Breakfast15Aug 3 a BBC One Breakfast TV, 15 August 2018, APP Chair Dr Giles Berrisford & APP media volunteer Amy Spruce discussing PP  2018_YahooAdele14Aug Yahoo, 14 August 2018, Adele's best friend's PP experience
2018GuardianAdele16August a The Guardian, 15 August, Adele shares story of friend's PP to help new mothers 2018_Pretty52_Eve a Pretty 52, 21 August, Eve's PP story
2018_CATHERINE_CARVER_BEA_16_AUGUST_2018 DailyRecord a Daily Record, 23 August, Catherine's PP story  2018_WalesonlineSarahH Wales Online, 27 August, Sarah's PP story
2018_BBCScotlandCatherine30Aug BBC Radio Scotland, 30 August, Catherine's PP story

Jul 2018

2018_EmilyBrotherhoodTheSun 2a

The Sun, 25 July, Emily's PP story  2018_HuffingtonPost_Olivia a Huffington Post, 23 July, Olivia's PP story
2018_LancashireNewsJuly That's Lancashire TV news, July, new MBU & APP volunteer Emma shares her experiences of PP

Jun 2018


BBC News, 24 June, APP Trustee Sarah Hayes' PP story and need for MBU in Wales

May 2018


ITV News, 1 May, Sally's PP story  2018CaraCornwallz Pirate FM, 2 May, Cara's PP story and support group in Cornwall
2018Sussex Spirit FM, 2 May, Hayley's PP story and support in Sussex  2018Metroa Metro, 3 May, Maternal Mental Health & PP article
2018APPPMHP_LIVEVIDEO APP Live on Facebook, 3 May, APP's live video via Perinatal Mental Health Partnership page 2018ZetlandFMSaraha Zetland FM, 4 May, Sarah on the radio (from 10am) sharing her PP story & help from APP
2018TheSunCaraa The Sun, 4 May, Cara's PP story 2018SkyNewsKata Sky News, 8 May, Kathryn's PP story
2018BBCTeesSaraha BBC Tees radio, 8 May, Sarah's PP story and discussion on PMH services 2018_Norfolka Eastern Daily Press, 10 May - Norfolk's Mental Health provision rated 'green' by MMHA

Apr 2018


BBC Radio Wales, 19 Apr, Sally's powerful PP story  2018_LauraEBa Huffington Post, 19 Apr, Laura, a champion for the Everyone's Business campaign, tells her PP story - MMHA map launch
2018_BBC_mmhamapCharlottHardingWalesreporta BBC News, 20 Apr, New mothers in Wales still cannot access specialist Perinatal Mental Health services - MMHA map launch 2018HuffingtonSanchitaa Huffington Post, 24 Apr Sanchita's PP story
2018DailyPostSallyWilsona Daily Post North Wales, 28 Apr, Sally's PP story

Feb 2018

 AmySportRelief_1Febjpg Sport Relief, 01 Feb, Amy talks about her PP experience  2018TheSunKellya The Sun, 15 Feb, Kelly's PP story

Jan 2018

2018 Sport Relief iPlayer

BBC iPlayer - Sport Relief, 6 Jan, Amy talks about PP experience  DofCambJan2018a PeopleRoyals - 24 Jan, Kate Middleton Tackles Awareness of PP
Ch4KatherineJan18 Channel 4 News - 8 Jan, Katherine talks about her PP experience  BBC News 17 Jan 2018_MBU Dartford.ajpg BBC News - 17 Jan, new MBU to open in Dartford, Kent

Dec 2017

 denise daily mail dec 2017 Daily Mail, 1 Dec, Denise Welch's PP story

Nov 2017

BBCRadioWals_Sally_1Nov18 BBC Radio Wales, 1 Nov, Sally's PP story BMJ Nov 2017 The BMJ, 8 Nov, 'Maternal mental health: Handle with care'
mumtakeover2017 BBC News, 28 Nov, Stories of 'mum guilt' at 5 live's #mumtakeover  catherinedailyrecord Daily Record, 30 Nov, Catherine's story

Oct 2017


STV, 6 Oct, Catherine's story  CatherineBBCVideo2  BBC Tomorrow's World, 10 Oct, Catherine's story on video


ITV News, 17 Oct, Welsh Government’s Children, Young People & Education Committee Inquiry

Sept 2017

 DK0rJXMXkAAOmRF Ripon Gazette & Harrogate Adverstiser, 28 Sep, Carroll's and Hannah's PP story  Untitled BBC Hereford & Worcester, 6 Sep, Hannah's PP story and interview

Aug 2017

 DJneyVrXUAAk5H4 Daily Mail, 16 Aug, Catherine's PP story  Untitled2 Daily Gazette & Essex County Standard, 3 Aug, Lucy's PP story


Good to know, 25 Aug, Denise Welch's PP story

July 2017


The Metro, 10th July, Kirsten Hay's PP story st-mosaic-postpartum-psychosis-heads-moonassi2 The Independent, 10th July, Catherine Carver's PP story


BBC News, 27 Jul, Mother and baby mental health unit for Wales considered

June 2017


ITV This Morning 8 June, Hannah & Andy from My Baby Psychosis & Me share their story.  Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.51.10 Mirror Online 8 June, picks up on Hannah & Andy's story from This Morning, with link to APP.


Burton Mail 3 June, story on Tutbury Community Choir event for Music 4 Mums  3032095_Baby-falls-sleep  Nursing Times, 26 June "Two fifths of postnatal mental health problems undetected"
Mum-spent-months-planning-to-be-next-Prime-Minister-while-suffering-from-crippling-postpartum-psycho Daily Mirror, 30 June: Jenny & Henry's PP story

May 2017

 sarahkeogh Telegraph & Argus, 4th May: International Day of the Midwife at Bradford Royal Infirmary mums and babies event to raise money for APP.  IMG_0434 Closer Magazine, 9th May: It Happened To Me, APP Peer Support Coordinator Hannah shares her story.
faulkner Daily Mail, 18th May: APP Media Volunteer Hannah Faulkner shares her story w/link to APP. Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 09.01.59 Solicitors' Journal 23rd May: Preventing Tragic Outcomes
jess pidsley BBC Radio 4: Article about DocuDrama Mama Courage & Jess Pidsley's PP story  baby-feet Slater & Gordon blog 23rd May: Postpartum Mental Health Awareness: What do You Need to Know?
2560 The Guardian 8th May: Jessica Pidsley's PP story

Apr 2017


BBC News, 12th April, report on inquest into the death of Alice Gibson-Watt following an episode of PP.  Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 11.29.05 BBC News, 27th April, Anthony Gibson-Watt speaks about the inquest verdict 'I had no idea about postpartum psychosis'
_95594178_alicegibson-wattbbc BBC News, 27th April, report on inquest verdict. Mirror Hannah BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House, 30th April, APP's Hannah Bissett talks about her experience of PP
15972284-large Hertfordshire Mercury 25th April, North Herts mum bravely speaks about the 'psychotic episodes' she suffered after birth of her son The Guardian, 20th April, Sarah West's PP story

Mar 2017


BBC Radio Wales: Eye on Wales on postpartum psychosis, 13 March. Sally & Jamie share their story.  KatDuchess Daily Mail, 23 March: Duchess of Cambridge talks to Kat Grant about PP at Best Beginnings launch event.
DgZvgdZl Huffington Post, 27 March: Postpartum psychosis Risk after Childbirth

Feb 2017


Metro 11th Feb: inquest into tragic death of Rachel Morgan

Jan 2017


BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour 5th January. APP's Val & Ian Jones talk PP & the menopause.  Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.22.01 iNews 30th January. Sara Fenwick shares her personal experience of PP. 

Dec 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-11-01-51 BBC Look East 13th Dec - inside Rainbow Mother & Baby Unit, North Essex Partnership + Velvet's PP story.

Nov 2016

Dr Jessica Heron BBC Wiltshire 30th November Dr Jess Heron talks about PP and APP.
screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-08-42-07 This Morning 23rd November "Postpartum psychosis left me suicidal".  scarlett Daily Mail 29th November, Scarlett Hatterson's experience of PP.


EssexLive 1st November. Heartbreaking story of Pippa Whiteward.  ellie BBC Radio Sussex (15m40s) 1st November: Ellie Ware talks about important of peer support after Adele went public about postnatal depression.

Oct 2016


Woman's House, BBC Radio 4. Fiona Putnam discusses her postnatal psychosis. hollyyork Daily Mail 10th October. Holly York talks about her postpartum psychosis.

Aug 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 14.23.49 Guardian 19th August "Pregnancy and mental health: the hidden pain of giving birth" featuring two PP stories.  nina  BBC Newsbeat 20th August "This woman photographed her postpartum psychosis recovery"


Daily Mail 16th August "Motherhood gave me psychosis" APP Media Volunteer, Katy Chachou's story.  Braintree & Witham Times 11th August Deborah and James Akinyemi's story.

Jun-Jul 2016


Health Service Journal 5th July "Time to nurture better mental healthcare services" (PDF) Featuring Ellie's story.  AGW Daily Mail 30th July - heartbreaking story of Alice Gibson-Watt.
mumbabysleep Mental Health Today 21st June
"Perinatal mental health issues - more than baby blues"
Featuring Sarah's story.
 sarahpp Time To Change Wales guest blog post 7th July by Sarah.

Feb 2016

Iain Cunningham Irene's Ghost

The Guardian - 20th Feb Alain Gregoire in The Guardian The Guardian - 16th Feb

Victoria Derbyshire

BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire - 15th Feb (Starts at 70 mins) BBC News BBC 1 News - 15th Feb (Starts at 40 mins)


BBC WM Adrian Goldberg - 15th Feb (Starts at 41 mins) Nicky Campbell Radio 5 Live Breakfast - 15th Feb (Starts at 65 mins)

ITV News

ITV News - 1st Feb


 TV News - 1st Feb

Jan 2016

BBC Radio Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland - 21st Jan
BBC Breakfast News

BBC Breakfast News - 19th Jan
BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio 5 Live - 19th Jan  Kathryn The Sun Fabulous Magazine - 17th Jan
Sanchita Islam Huffington Post Parents - 15th Jan  Bella Jessie Bella Magazine - Jan
Londonist The Londonist - 11th Jan  woman and baby Buzzfeed - 9th Jan
BBC Eastenders Stacey BBC News - 9th Jan  Stacey Branning BBC Eastenders Online - 7th Jan
APP Eve in the Express The Daily Express - 3rd Jan  

December 2015

Kent News Kent Newspapers & Kent Online - 25th Dec  Radio Times Radio Times - 24th Dec

Victoria Pavitt

The Telegraph - 21st Dec  EastEnders Stacey Huffington Post Parents - 14th Dec


The Mirror - 9th Dec

Sept 2015

Mumsnet blog

Mumsnet guest blog - 11th Sept

Aug 2015

Hannah Darlington & Stockton Times - 15th Aug

July 2015

 Huffpost Parents Huffington Post Parents - 30th July  Yorkshire Post  Yorkshire Post - 29th July
Londonist Londonist - 27th July  Sidmouth Herald  Sidmouth Herald - 27th July (repeated in the Midweek Herald)
Exeter Express and Echo Exeter Express and Echo - 26th July

Dec 2014

2014_GuardianVonnya The Guardian, 10 Dec - Vonny's PP story