Unravelling Eve

An art project exploring women's experiences of Postpartum Psychosis

Working with APP, artist Joan Molloy has been granted a Wellcome Trust Arts Award to undertake a challenging new project. Joan, a mother of two, has been a successful mixed media artist for 20 years, with a particular interest in themes of family, memory and time.

After meeting and listening to women who have experienced an episode of Postpartum Psychosis, Joan will create a body of artwork which reflects their experiences and conveys a deeper appreciation of what it means to have had this little-known condition. She will be undertaking a period of residency at Cardiff University with Ian Jones and the team in order to understand the work they are doing there and let the science of the genetics inform her work.

A two-day workshop took place in Spring 2011 and women with experience of postpartum psychosis met with Joan, Ian and other women to discuss their experiences and influence the direction of the project. For more information on the project contact us:

email: app@www.app-network.org