Partner Support Study

In several pieces of research, women have told us that there needs to be more support for their partners during their episode of postpartum psychosis (PP). With this in mind, we conducted two studies to investigate the experience of partners during an episode of PP, and the type of support they would find acceptable. We are developing web advice for partners, and will trial some of the support suggestions made in the Mother & Baby Unit in Birmingham.

A postal survey of the partners of APP members was conducted by medical student, Sarah Sandell (supervised by Dr Jess Heron). We found that only 30% of partners were satisfied with the level of information and support provided to them by the NHS. Requested services included web-based information for partners, time with health professionals, and in the long term - counselling, and conversations with other men who had been through similar situations.

Twenty in-depth telephone interviews were conducted with women's partners by medical student, Alice Blackwell (supervised by Dr Jess Heron). Alice asked more detailed questions about men's experiences and the support they would have found useful.

Both studies are currently being written up for publication. We would like to hear from any partners willing to help develop web advice for partners based on the findings of these studies, or who would be willing to review and comment on draft information. Contact