A warm welcome to APP’s virtual peer support social group!  We are looking forward to meeting up together over Zoom for a cuppa, catch-up and supporting each other as a virtual community.

The group is for people whether they are newly recovering or were unwell many years ago. It is an informal and social place to share experiences, make new friends, and support each other through life’s ups and downs.

It is also a place where you can inform APP’s campaigning strategy as we share ideas of how support can be improved in our local areas for families who experience psychosis in the perinatal period.

Here’s a bit about what to expect when you join the group:

Welcome and introductions

  • At least one member of APP staff and a volunteer will be hosting the group.
  • We’ll usually start by going round the screen so you can say hi and introduce yourselves.
  • You might want to say a bit about yourself, or how your week has been. Or you might just want to let everyone know your name and that’s fine.


  • We want to create a safe space for everyone to share experiences.
  • There’s no pressure to talk - you are welcome to join in however you feel most comfortable.
  • Please make sure that you keep other people’s experiences shared in the group confidential.
  • Please be mindful around identifying NHS staff who have been involved in your care, and maintain confidentiality for anyone you may have been in hospital with.

Taking care of yourself 

  • Please feel completely free to come and go during the call – it’s fine if you need to sort out children or get another cuppa or snack!
  • Sometimes when we share our experiences of postpartum psychosis or other challenges we are facing it can be upsetting.  If you need to take some time out during the call that’s absolutely fine.
  • Please feel free to drop a private message to the APP host into the Zoom chat if you want to let us know how you are feeling.
  • After the group, you can email the facilitator of the group for further support.

Being mindful of others

  • Zoom can feel a bit more ‘formal’ than a chat in a real life café so it can be a bit more tricky to keep conversations flowing - some people might find it difficult to ‘jump in’ when they have something to say.
  • Please be warm and supportive, respecting differences and allowing space for everyone to participate in the way they want to.

Thank you for being part of our community – see you online soon!