Lottery Good Causes Awards Update

Daisy BouquetWe would like to say a very big thank you for all the support we’ve received over the past month with our National Lottery Award campaigning.

Sadly, we came a very close 2nd to the winning project with just 106 votes between us. Despite this, we had an absolutely fantastic campaigning month and have reached a massive audience we wouldn't normally have had the opportunity to. The exposure given to Postpartum Psychosis among the general public, midwives, health visitors, GPs, psychiatrists worldwide and also on a more personal level among families has been an incredible success.

To be a finalist in the Health category from 700 projects is an achievement in itself. But to reach so many people to talk, inform and educate about Postpartum Psychosis is beyond what we’d hoped. We’ve still to collate the final figures but we know that over the last month we reached over 2.7 million people on Twitter in just 7 days and had over 1000 face to face conversations about PP! We’ve also heard many personal stories where the campaign has helped break the stigma, helped people talk about their experiences and open up long avoided conversations within families.

We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our friends and supporters for tweeting, facebooking, contacting and re-contacting all of your friends & families. Thank you to our Volunteers who stood out in the rain talking to people about PP. For approaching random strangers for votes at festivals, door to door, in cafes & play centres. For bravely telling your story to friends, families, colleagues, in the press and on TV. It was an amazing 5 weeks of campaigning and we are grateful to every single person who has helped us in any way.

There is still lots we would like to achieve but our fantastic campaign along with the ongoing work of all our volunteers and team, has meant we have made significant progress and are well and truly putting severe maternal mental illness on the agenda!

Thank you again from all at APP.