Unravelling Eve - Stories of Postpartum Psychosis

APP are delighted to be working with artist Joan Malloy on this exciting Wellcome Trust funded arts project. Joan is developing a body of work which reflects upon issues of motherhood, inheritance and the familial implications of PP. A weekend workshop earlier this year allowed Joan to hear the experiences of a number of women from APP. The work is progressing well and has been the subject of a Radio 4 documentary that aired on December the 4th 2011. We are very excited about this project and look forward to sharing with you the work that is produced next year.

Joan’s past work has been an exploration of time, focussing on memories of childhood, family relationships and ageing, through a combination of photography, film, object-making and installation. Following years where her work has focused on family relationships – exploring shared experience from multiple perspectives – the work with APP will be a natural progression – exploring the shared experience of motherhood from the multiple perspectives of those who took part in the workshop. Joan’s intention is to create work which includes an arresting piece of film, which encapsulates the genetic science and values the personal narrative accounts from women from APP who have participated in the project.