On this page we share external blogs and longer personal accounts of postpartum psychosis (PP).

If you have any pieces that you would like to share or like to contribute, please email us.

Blogs about postpartum psychosis - Lindsay Lindsey's story
Lindsey's blog shares her experience of PP.
LauraDockerill2 - blogs about pospartum psychosis Laura's story
Laura shares her story of experiencing PP.
RuthWells a Ruth's story
Ruth describes her personal experience of  PP.
Fiona Fiona's story
Fiona shares her story after experiencing postpartum psychosis in 2015.
Purple Flowers Caroline's story
This story gives a detailed account of Caroline's first experience of childbirth in 1982 and her journey through PP. Positively, she went on to have two extremely satisfactory home births.
PP & how I avoided it second time around
Bipolar Pendulum magazine article.
Floating Nicola & John's story
Nicola experienced PP after the birth of her daughter in 2004. The Mother and Baby Unit where she stayed asked her to write about her experiences. Nicola's husband tells his story too.
Husband in a Storm
This book tells the story of my journey, from a husband’s point of view, as my wife travelled from a happy confident woman through postpartum psychosis and out the other side.