Unravelling Eve is a Radio 4 documentary about the work we have been doing with Joan Malloy in an art project, funded by the Wellcome Trust. Radio 4 was offered unique access to a group of women who have experienced postpartum psychosis who talk openly about their journey back to recovery.

Following the airing of ‘Unravelling Eve' program on 5th Dec 2011, the feedback we have received has been tremendous. The program was extremely well received by people from all backgrounds and interests and many have been in touch expressing their gratitude to everyone involved for their time and efforts in making it happen.

The women who took part in the workshops also received a great deal of positive and supportive feedback from friends and family. Having listened to the program, they now have a greater understanding of the challenges the women went through, and some friends were surprised by how little they already knew. We are very grateful to everyone who took part and appreciate how difficult and emotional it can be to speak about things they have probably never spoken about before. There was an instant rapport amongst the women and very quickly strong friendships formed. They all reported that taking part was a fabulous opportunity to finally meet and chat freely with others who instantly understood. They described the workshops as an extremely positive experience, emotional yet healing and cathartic.

Presented by former journalist - Clare Dolman, who suffered an episode of postpartum psychosis herself after the birth of her first child twenty two years ago. She is a trustee of Action on Postpartum Psychosis and now works to raise awareness of the condition.

Producer: Philippa Goodrich
A White Pebble Media production for BBC Radio 4.