Life-saving mental health services may be cut as national charity faces funding crisis

The national charity dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by bipolar faces the threat of closing life-saving services as its income suffers in the economic downturn.

Although a small national charity, Bipolar UK’s reach and impact are vital – it supports more than 65,000 individuals every year.  The charity provides crucial services including information and advice, self help groups, a mentoring service, a youth service and a web-based discussion forum for those affected by this devastating and widely-misunderstood illness.  Bipolar causes severe mood swings from manic highs often involving hospitalisation and sectioning to suicidal lows.  The illness increases the risk of suicide by up to 20 times.

Suzanne Hudson, Bipolar UK’s Chief Executive, says “We desperately need to raise funds to enable us to meet the substantial increase in demand we are witnessing.”

With high profile names like Stephen Fry, Sinead O’Connor and Bipolar UK’s patrons Bill Oddie and Paul Abbott, openly talking about their own experiences, many people now have the confidence to seek support from Bipolar UK to change, and indeed save, lives.

Young mum of three Zoe, has successfully been helped by Bipolar UK, “The Link Mentoring service absolutely changed my life – I now have a life and I like who I am.  I’m not so afraid anymore.  I owe my new life to Bipolar UK.  They gave me and they gave my children a mummy.”  The continued support from Bipolar UK for Zoe not only turned her life around but also her family.

Suzanne Hudson continues  “The sad irony is that this funding crisis comes at a time when bipolar is beginning to be understood.  As a result more individuals and families are finding the courage to seek our support.  2012 was unprec

Bipolar UK Patron, Bill Oddie  “The public could be forgiven for thinking that bipolar only affects celebrities!  The truth is that this severe illness can and does affect anyone and everyone, but only the famous faces get the publicity.  If the services of Bipolar UK are diluted or lost, the consequences will literally be tragic."
edented in terms of the number of individuals contacting us for help and accessing our services.  It is increasingly the case that individuals’ first contact with us is at a time of crisis involving intervention with emergency services.”

Bipolar UK desperately needs to raise over £100,000 in the next few weeks to continue providing vital services including Self Help Groups and Information & Advice. To make a donation call Bipolar UK on 020 7931 6480, click below, or text BIPO33 £3 to 70070.