Peer Support Training Workshop 2013

Peer Support Workshop 2013Eight volunteers with lived experience of PP came together from across the UK to attend a Peer Support workshop on 12th Oct. The day was momentous, memorable and a success on many levels. It was a real pleasure to meet and work with so many passionate and dedicated people. Thank you to everyone who gave up their free time and made the big effort to attend. We’re proud and grateful to further expand our PPTalk team with such a wonderful, inspirational group of volunteers!

Here Anna writes her thoughts on the day:

To inspire means to breathe life into. 

I drove home on Saturday night, through driving rain and blurred car headlights questioning what it was that left me inspired by my day with the APP team in Birmingham. 

There were the more obvious impressions from the day, Dr Jess Heron's warm welcome, her extensive research and her tenacious dedication to the cause. Professor Ian Jones speaking with empathy, broad expertise and a determination that we must remain curious and open minded to the individual nature of this mystifying illness. Andrea Lambert, supportive and encouraging, Clare Foster relaxed and informative and gratitude to Ruth Blamey for bringing us all together with logistical finesse!

Beyond that was each other.

It's a rare thing to sit in a room with a group of relative strangers and feel a closeness between you that needs no words. An implicit, mutual understanding born of an experience we all shared. A deep respect for what it takes to come through those dark days and look ahead, resolved to make a difference to others. Hopeful that whilst we may never erase the illness, we can help, support and educate.

The feeling of inspiration came from bravery. I'd spent the day in a room full of courageous, brave women. Some shunned by family, others silenced for years, loss of identity and traumatic memories that take years to fade. 
Different stories, diverse individuals united in hope by Postpartum Psychosis. 

I arrived home, put my slippers on and poured a glass of red, a gentle toast to 'brave inspiration.'

Thank you all.