Unmissable: 'Irene's Ghost' at the BFI Film Festival 2018!

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Irene’s Ghost, a film by Iain Cunningham, premiered at the Curzon , Mayfair on Saturday 13th Oct, at the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival 2018.

Some of APP's staff and volunteers were able to attend the premier on the weekend and here's what Heather Heron, APP Fundraising Volunteer, had to say:

"When did you last witness spontaneous applause and a standing ovation at the end of a film? For this film-goer: the one and only time was at a showing of 'I, Daniel Blake', at The Quad, Derby. Even then the audience dared not to get to its feet. Yet that is precisely what happened after the showing of 'Irene’s Ghost' last night. This film was truly a creative tour de force; so much more than one man’s journey into the past secrets of his mother’s death at the capricious hands of Postpartum Psychosis.

Funny, tender, raw - it seamlessly laid bare the struggles of a family faced with guilt, loss, and the oncosts of perinatal mental illness. Iain Cunningham, in his quest to uncover truths, is clearly fighting for his very soul. Drifting, as it does between real people’s pain and beautiful animation, we are transported into the world of the child as it tries to glimpse the lost mother in nature’s spirit-world.

Unmissable: if necessary - knock down the doors of your independent cinema until they show it."

IMG_1686-a'at the premier...' Iain Cunningham with APP Director, Dr Jess Heron & APP Peer Support Coordinator, Ellie Ware

You can catch it again at the Film Festival, as it's being shown a second time on Tuesday 16 November, at 1pm at The British Film Institute, Southbank NFT 3.

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Reviews of 'Irene's Ghost':
One Room With A View - a 4 star reviews
Screen Daily
The Upcoming - 4 stars (Andrew Murray): "Irene’s Ghost is an incredibly personal and utterly powerful journey of discovery that revolves around uncovering the tragic story of a lost relative; yet it’s much more than this. It’s a profound examination of the power of memory on how what we remember not only shapes how we think of the past, but how we see ourselves in the present. We won’t be forgetting Irene’s Ghost anytime soon."
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The National Lottery  - included 'Irene's Ghost' in their festival round-up


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