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Postpartum Psychosis (also called ‘Puerperal Psychosis’, ‘Postnatal Psychosis’, ‘Postpartum onset Bipolar Disorder’) is a severe mental illness, which has a sudden onset in the first few weeks following childbirth.

Over 1300 women experience PP each year in the UK (1 to 2 in every 1000 deliveries). These episodes can be very frightening for women, their partners, friends and family. It can be hard to find high quality information about PP. There are many unanswered questions and areas where much more research is needed.

Birmingham University logoAPP has over 700 members who have experienced PP and support many more women and families via our forum and social media.APP is a network across the UK and further afield which includes women who have experienced PP and people with an interest in PP. It is a collaborative project run by women who have experienced PP, specialist health professionals and academic experts from Birmingham and Cardiff Universities. APP is hosted by the University of Birmingham. 


What We Offer

  • We develop leaflets & web resources for women, their families & health professionals
  • We run events & workshops
  • We offer signposting to appropriate resources or sources of support
  • We have an on-line PPTalk forum where women & their families can talk to others who have experienced PP
  • We offer a peer support network where women and their partners can contact others who have experienced PP
  • We field requests for specialist advice to our panel of experts
  • Our experts offer a free specialist second opinion psychiatry service at Cardiff University (referral from GP/psychiatrist required) to women who require expert advice about treatment, recovery or managing further pregnancies.
  • We advertise opportunities to take part in research studies into PP
  • We conduct research & talk to members about research areas of importance to them
  • We report to members on the most recent research from around the world
  • We provide advice and resources to members who would like to raise awareness or hold fundraising events in their local community
  • We respond to media requests, provide facts & statistics about PP & put journalists in touch with women who have experienced PP via our media panel

Our Aims Are

  • To provide up-to-date information to women who have experienced PP & their families.
  • To facilitate research into all aspects of PP.
  • To facilitate peer support & a PP community for women & their families.
  • To increase awareness of PP – its symptoms, management & impact – among health professionals
    & the general public.
  • To advocate for improved services for women & their families.

Here you will find an information resource about PP for women, their families and the health professionals involved in their care. The resource is evolving so check back regularly. Find out more about PP, read our APP Guides, for information about treatment and recovery. Link to sources of further support and find out about our research studies, events and APP fundraising activities.

We thank The Big Lottery, Comic Relief and individual women and families for supporting our project. Our project is based within the College of Medical & Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham. We are very grateful for their support.

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A few words from women who have experienced Postpartum Psychosis

A group of women from APP got together to make a short film about PP as part of a workshop researching recovery

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