APP Purple Events

Purple PartyThroughout the year we ask people across the UK to hold a Purple Party or event where donations on the day are made to APP. We need YOU to get together with friends, family & colleagues & hold a Purple Event!

Here are a few suggestions of ways you can raise funds & have a great time too! We’re sure you can think of other ideas for events that work well, so use your imaginations & let us know so we can add them to this list. Do let us know if you’re planning anything fun or exciting & we’d really like photos & reports of your event! We can supply party packs with advertising & raising awareness literature if needed. The money you raise will make a difference to the lives of people affected by Postpartum Psychosis. Email:

Fundraising Ideas

  • A ‘bring & buy’ sale - encourage anyone you know to donate something to sell at your event (clothes, jewellery, household items, books etc).
  • Cake stall - ask friends to bake a cake to bring to sell.
  • A quiz (e.g. pub type quiz, or perhaps get a baby photo from everyone who attends & see how many people can correctly identify them or pet photos to identify the owner). Charge an entry fee & offer a prize.
  • A raffle, having acquired donated items from local firms.
  • In advance, ask people to give you their favourite recipe. Collate them into a booklet & sell them on the day.
  • A plant stall
  • A games tournament - anything you might have room for - or a competition to see who can eat the most doughnuts without licking their lips, or the most dry cream crackers in a set amount of time etc.
  • Incorporate a “silent” auction - invite secret paper bids for a particular item offered for sale. The highest bid wins!

Other suggestions:

  • A sponsored event - a run, walk, dance, sing, silence.
  • A “dress down” day at work - everyone pays for the privilege of a special dress code for a day, maybe it would be “dress up”, wear a hat.......
  • A wine tasting evening - perhaps your local shop/supermarket would donate some wine. You could have a competition to see who can rightly label different types of wine.
  • An auction - of promises perhaps? e.g. someone who offers to clean windows, wash cars, garden etc.
  • A curry night at home.
  • Spot the “odd object” - ask local shop owners to place an “odd” item in their window, charge a fee to enter the competition - a prize for who can identify them all.
  • Have a stall at an event happening near you - a Fair, Car Boot Sale, etc.
  • Take over your village hall or similar & invite everyone to take part in a talent show (your own X-Factor!). Charge to enter & perform & charge an entrance fee to the audience & who knows you might get to know your neighbours better! ....even the tiniest children like producing short plays etc.
  • If you have a recreation field why not organise family It's a Knockout type events.
  • Village / town Bar B Q where all donate food.
  • Charity rounders / football etc.
  • Grab some friendly buskers & ask your local shopping precinct if they will allow you to entertain shoppers & raise awareness with APP literature stands.