Ele and Greg's skydive!

Well done and thank you to the very brave Ele and Greg who both completed a skydive in aid of APP on 26th August and have raised nearly £900! Thank you both so much; an amazing achievement!

Ele says: "I feel so proud of myself for facing up to my fears and jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet - not a birthday I’ll forget in a hurry! My instructor was a legend and really put me at ease, conditions were perfect - not a cloud in the sky, such beautiful views! Still can’t quite believe I’ve done it but I never would have before PP so it’s definitely made me a braver person. Thank you so much to all who sponsored us, really hope the money can help other women struggling as I have and that this can inspire them that they can do amazing things again after psychosis - there is life beyond and alongside mental illness, and it can even be pretty amazing at times too!"

And what a fantastic time they had on the day!

You can still donate via their GoFundMe page here.

A big Thank You to Ele and Greg for all your support - what a brave pair!

...and if you're interested in doing a skydive for APP you can find out more about it here.