Kimberley Mace's Skydive for APP







A huge thank you to Kimberley Mace and her best friend who took part in a skydive on Saturday 11th September 2021 to raise awareness and money to support APP’s work.

Kimberley experienced postpartum psychosis (PP) in November 2015 after the birth of her son, and was initially treated on a general psychiatric ward at Ipswich hospital before being admitted to her local hospital at Wedgewood.

Kimberley said: “APP helps mothers and families who have experienced this severe illness and this wonderful charity helped me to understand what exactly I was diagnosed with. Whilst there’s more talk about PP now, it wasn’t an illness known to me when I was diagnosed in 2015.

I have since gone on to have my daughter with no recurrence of PP. APP’s forum helped me get through this by answering any questions I had.”

After the skydive Kimberley said: I am so proud and I really hope this money helps the charity. I am forever grateful for APP.”

Kimberley’s challenge has raised more than £590. We would like to thank Kimberley and her friend for supporting APP and all who have donated.

You can still visit and donate to her fundraising page here.

If you have been inspired by Kimberley, we would love to support any fundraising ideas you have. Get in touch here.