Michelle and Sinead’s 10 mile Paddle Board for APP

A huge thank you to Michelle Bell, one of APP’s volunteers, and her friend Sinead who completed a 10 mile paddle board along the River Thames near Oxford in September to raise awareness and money to support APP’s work.

Michelle said: “Around 10 years ago after giving birth I was hospitalised with postpartum psychosis (PP). I was initially admitted to an adult mental health ward and later transferred to a Mother and Baby Unit where my daughter stayed with me.


Michelle and Sinead started their paddle board on 12th September and paddled another stretch on 17th September. They completed the 10 miles on 24th September.

They had lovely weather on all days of the challenge, and saw lots of birds along the way.

Their fundraiser has raised more than £460. We would like to thank Michelle and Sinead for supporting APP and all who have donated

You can still visit and donate to their fundraising page here.

If you have been inspired by Michelle and Sinead, we would love to support any fundraising ideas you have. Get in touch here.