Sophie runs Stafford!

2018_Stafford10K 23 Sep

A big Thank You to Sophie, who is running the Stafford 10K on 23rd September, in aid of APP! 

Sophie decided to take on the Stafford 10K after her sister suffered with Postpartum Psychosis and found help and support from APP. Sophie says:

"Not many people who know me know that after the birth of my precious niece Beatrice my beautiful and strong big sister suffered from a rare yet serious mental health problem known as post-partum psychosis. PP occurs around the time of birth and can cause the sufferer to experience serious hallucinations, delusions and erratic behaviour. A week after birth my big sister was sectioned under the mental health act due to the severity of her illness. Luckily we managed to secure her a place in Brockington Mother and baby unit so that she could live with Bea and be supported 24 hours a day. 

Since their return home from the unit my sister has gone from strength to strength, I couldn’t be more proud of what she has achieved whilst raising Bea who is blossoming every single day.

She has since benefited from the services APP offer, listening and reading about other people who have suffered from the same illness has helped her endlessly.

I’ve decided to run the 10k for this cause as most of you who know me know I do NOT run...unless a Terry’s chocolate orange is on-sale. This is going to be a personal struggle that won’t even compare to what Melissa has gone through..but it’s a start! "

Please support Sophie's challenge and donate what you can via her JustGiving page here - thank you!