Vicky & Anya trek Cambodia!

Last month APP Media Advisor Vicky Jepson and ex-BBC colleague Anya Francis completed their trek through Cambodia, celebrating life and fundraising for APP and UCLH charity respectively.

After braving jungle, mountains and paddy fields, they finally reached Angkor Wat, one of the largest religious monuments in the world.

They survived 4 days of trekking and 3 nights camping, despite Vicky's legs blistering and ballooning and Anya tripping over pigs and being chased by dogs on night time toilet trips.

Vicky says "It was an amazing experienced and I am enormously grateful to the many friends who sponsored me. The only thing I regret is packing waterproof trousers instead on a roll mat".

Anya says : "I'd love to go again, although next time I will read the brochure better as the camping, the frogs on sticks and the loos you shower in weren't in it!"

Vicky raised over £2,000 for APP and you can still donate via her JustGiving page here, and  Anya raised £3000 for University College London Hospital. APP say thank you so much, what an amazing adventure it was!