Voices of the Valley Charity Concert

On Friday 14th June, 2013 some members of the APP Board, along with their friends, journeyed to Llay nr Wrexham in Wales for a charity concert performed by the internationally renowned, Welsh "Fron Male Voice Choir". APP will benefit financially by the Fron's generosity and we should like to thank all of the choir, their conductor and their management  for: the warmth of their welcome; for their flexibility in allowing us to invade their hall with our advertising banner and literature - thereby raising vital awareness ; and of course - for the soaring beauty of their singing! It was a truly magnificent gesture from a very busy choir and we look forward to maintaining contact with them in the future as we at APP also soar!

What the choir won't have realised from their position on the stage is that at the back of the hall a tiny, rapt 22 month old - Dr Jessica Heron's wee daughter - waited until the end of a Fron song and, in the ensuing silence, lit up with her very own loud rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to the amusement of all at the back. Testament indeed to the power of "The Fron" to inspire youth. What a huge pity she had no microphone and was ushered out, protesting, into obscurity!