Jenny's poem: 'Time for another'

Time for Another By Jenny

It must be time for another,
You can't have just one son.
He'll have no one to play with, be all alone,
And that would be no fun.

It must be time for another,
Sticking at one's not fair.
He'll be spoilt and selfish, demanding and rude
And won't know how to share.

It must be time for another,
Do you not love being a mother?
You should think about him and not about you,
He'd adore a sister or brother.

It must be time for another,
How old is he, nearly three?
Time's ticking on, your chance will be gone,
You'll really regret it, you'll see.

But another might drive me to madness,
Another could tear us apart.
We are three now not two, what would happen to you
If my mind broke? The thought breaks my heart.

This time you'd know, you'd be ready,
This time you'd plan, we'd be here.
But the horror of it all, the spiralling fall,
The hell of it, you've no idea.

Yet the thought of another is tempting,
That it might all be well, all be fine.
It could heal what has passed, lay the ghosts down at last,
The decision to try is all mine.

I'll get there, but the choice isn't simple,
The answer not easy to find.
I just hope if we do decide to have two
It doesn't mean losing my mind.