APP’s support of the creative arts

Media coverage is a powerful tool for raising awareness of postpartum psychosis. Stories of PP in literature, TV, film and theatre are incredibly important and impactful, reaching many thousands and sometimes millions of people.

APP works with journalists, documentary makers, script writers, novelists, playwrights and film makers to ensure that all portrayals of postpartum psychosis – whether factual or fictional – benefit from real life stories and expert knowledge.

Hollyoaks actress Jessamy Stoddard on how APP helped her create an authentic and powerful performance of a woman experiencing PP:

“It was so great to speak to incredible women who have come out the other side, who could really give me insight into what was going through their mind at the time. I had watched many documentaries but this really added to the research from a recovery perspective.”

Examples of APP's work with script writers for screen and stage include:

  • Working with BBC One’s Eastenders on a postpartum psychosis storyline – our clinical and lived experience experts helped the production team create a realistic portrayal of PP for the character of Stacey Branning.
  • Our collaboration with Channel 4’s Hollyoaks on a postpartum psychosis storyline for Christmas 2020.
  • Supporting the theatre production ‘after birth’. Writer Zena Forster worked with APP as part of her research, speaking to several members of staff and volunteers with lived experience.
  • Working with the production team for ‘Mothers on the Edge’, a Louis Theroux documentary about Mother and Baby Units.

Mark Casebow, Director of Louis Theroux’s new documentary, Mothers on the Edge explains how APP's involvement supported them in the process:

"It was really helpful to understand more about the condition from recovered women and also from an academic perspective, and to hear more about care and campaigning nationally. It was useful to hear about the messages that women and families who have experienced this illness would like to share with the public."

If you are part of a creative team working on any of the following areas and you would like APP’s input, please get in touch with us at an early stage of development:

  • TV soap / drama
  • TV documentary
  • Film
  • Books – fiction and non-fiction
  • Theatre

Donations towards our work may be requested, to support our staff members’ time and to recognise the contributions of experts by experience.

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