The Maternal Mental Health Alliance Campaign

Awareness Education Action

The Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) is a network of over 120 UK organisations dedicated to ensuring women and families affected by perinatal mental health problems have access to high quality, comprehensive perinatal mental health care.

APP was a founding member of the Alliance, hosting the MMHA staff team, under Everyone’s Business Director, Emily Slater, 2011-2018, and MMHA Director, Angela Styles from 2017-2018, who managed the transfer of the MMHA to an independent organisation with its own charitable status in 2018.

During its time with APP, the Everyone’s Business campaign saw the development of:

  • UK-wide maps - highlighting national guidelines for specialist perinatal mental health services and whether each region in the UK are meeting these criteria
  • LSE report - showing the economic cost to the UK of not addressing perinatal healthcare
  • Perinatal Peer Support Principles outlining the quality standards perinatal peer support services should adhere to in the UK

It also successfully campaigned for investment in more MBUs and specialist perinatal mental health services around the UK.

Evaluations of the impact of the Everyone’s Business Campaign 2013-2016 can be read here. And 2016-2021 can be read here.

APP continues to be a proud member of the MMHA, which is going from strength to strength under new CEO, Laura Seebohm.

You can find out more about current campaigns by visiting