urgent help for postpartum psychosisIf you, your partner or family think that you have symptoms of postpartum psychosis you need urgent help.

If you have been told during pregnancy that you have a high risk of postpartum psychosis you may have a care plan. This should include emergency contact numbers for your mental health team or local crisis service.

If you do not have a care plan or you have not had this type of illness before you should see your GP urgently (the same day).

If this is not possible, call NHS 111, your local out-of-hours service. You can also attend your local A&E department to get urgent help for postpartum psychosis.

If you are told you do not have postpartum psychosis but your symptoms worsen, you should make sure you are seen again.  If you think there is imminent danger, call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Most women with postpartum psychosis need to be treated in hospital. Ideally you should be offered a bed in a Mother & Baby Unit (MBU). This is a specialist psychiatric unit where mothers with mental illness are admitted with their babies. You will be supported in caring for your baby whilst you have the care and treatment you need.

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