"Writing down your own experience and reading others can be incredibly helpful during recovery and in processing what has happened."

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  • Ways to share your story
  • Raise awareness

Ways to share your story

You can share your story in a variety of ways. Different things will feel right for different people. You may want to: 

Email us at app@app-network.org to get involved.

share your story and raise awareness - jade's story

We are keen to share stories that depict a range of different experiences, specifically to help us reach and raise awareness in areas of the UK that are currently under-represented, and with particular groups to ensure we are reflecting the diversity of the communities we support.

We might also ask if we can share your story where it might support a specific
project or campaign. If we contact you about sharing your story via APP, or if there is any potential for media involvement, we will give you any support you need.

Raise awareness

There are lots of ways to help us raise awareness of PP one easy way is to like and share APP’s social media posts and news stories. You can find and follow us on social media at the platforms below:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ActionOnPP
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ActionOnPP
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ActionOnPP
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ActionOnPP