Our workforce training in postpartum psychosis is a training package for all health professionals working in the perinatal period.

workforce training in postpartum psychosisWho is it for?

The one-day training course covers postpartum psychosis and severe mental illness (SMI) in the perinatal period. It is suitable for all professionals working with women and families during this time.

This includes:

  • psychiatrists,
  • midwives,
  • health visitors,
  • GPs,
  • obstetricians,
  • mental health nurses,
  • psychologists,
  • IAPT workers,
  • psychotherapists,
  • social workers, and
  • Acute & Emergency staff.

Content and learning objectives

Learning objectives will address domains in the PMH competency framework, with a specific focus on the risk areas of severe mental illness and postpartum psychosis.

By utilising clinical experience, cutting-edge research, and the real experiences of affected women and families, the course will up-skill the workforce, developing expertise and empathetic understanding.

The workforce training course includes:

  • the identification and management of postpartum psychosis,
  • the management of bipolar disorder in pregnancy and the postpartum period,
  • understanding risk factors,
  • early symptoms,
  • diagnosis,
  • risk assessment, and
  • the experiences, information and support needs of women and their families.


The training is led by APPs expert trainer Dr Sally Wilson (National Training and Research Coordinator at Action on Postpartum Psychosis and expert by experience), a consultant perinatal psychiatrist OR senior academic, AND one of APP’s experts by experience.

Costs and booking

Our perinatal mental health workforce one day training workshop (7hrs including 1 hour for lunch) costs £3500 for up to 24 delegates.

Costs include travel to your site and a set of APP's Insider Guides  for each delegate.

Venue and facilities to be provided by the booking organisation.

APP are dedicated to raising awareness and improving education related to PP. If you cannot afford the fees or do not have a training budget, please do still get in touch: training@app-network.org.

These fees cover APP costs to run the lived experience talks and training programme, train and support our volunteers to give talks; and help us to keep our peer support network operating.